Middle school

The Middle School welcomes students at the end of elementary school. It encompasses the Sixth through Ninth Grades. At LFB we provide students with all the knowledge, skills, know-how and interpersonal skills that they will need to succeed in their education and in their future life as responsible citizens.



Sixth grade : the last year of cycle 3, the consolidation cycle


The Sixth Grade should allow students to adapt to the organization and living environment of middle school, as well as to ensure the continuity of learning undertaken in the first two years of the cycle during the Fourth and Fifth grades.


Particular attention is paid to welcoming students and helping them adapt to secondary education.



The seventh, eighth and ninth grades : cycle 4, the expansion cycle


The aim is to enable students to develop skills in different disciplines and in cross-curricular pathways.


We pay particular attention to the development of the student guidance project, as part of the “Parcours Avenir” (a program by the French Ministry of Education to help students choose their academic and thus professional path).


The physical education, artistic and cultural education and the Civics classes offer students, now adolescents, who are developing a new relationship with themselves and with others, a framework which helps them to build skills in a trusting environment. This is essential given the abundance of new knowledge and new technologies, especially in the digital realm. They should be able to approach interdisciplinary situations with personal and creative thinking while respecting the standards that are part of a common culture.


At the end of the Ninth Grade, an important step in their education awaits: the national “Brevet” certificate (DNB).


Ninth Grade is also a pivotal year in the student’s education which will direct their studies in high school.



Spanish studies

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English at LFB

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