Fine arts

“Art is what resists : it resists death, servitude, infamy, shame.”

Gilles Deleuze

Fine arts elective

For which students ?

The elective is open to any motivated student from the 10th to 12th grade, regardless of their course of study. Goals :
• Provide a solid foundation for students who plan to pursue higher artistic and cultural studies
• Develop students’ skills, enrich their general and artistic culture and teach them to speak knowledgably about artwork
• Foster their ability to begin and complete an individual creative project
• Work carried out during their senior year contributes to the application files for acceptance to Art Schools.


The program

The Fine Arts elective program is essentially organized around 2 components:
• artistic practice
• cultural approach


The organization of the elective

The elective is 3 hours per week: 1 hour of theory and 2 hours of practice.
This elective is considered an added value to the students’ overall education; the time devoted to imagination, creation, knowledge of the arts and contemporary culture contributes to and complements the education received in their course of study.


Some options: 

• Artistic field: visual communication design, fashion, interior design, web design, animation, audiovisual creation, photography

• Cultural field: scenography, programming and management of exhibitions and cultural events, restoration and conservation of heritage, art criticism, teaching and research, art trade