High school


The High School has 614 students in 22 classes. It is where the students spend the last three years of their schooling. While the Lycée helps students “to grow”, its main objectives are to prepare students for the Baccalaureate exam in the 10th, 11th and 12th grades and give them all the tools they need to succeed in their higher education in the education system of their choice.

10th Grade


This is a key year in which the student will explore his interests, aptitudes and skills. The workload is distributed as follows:

  • 29 hours of compulsory classes per week, including Catalan (regular or introductory course).
  • up to 3 hours of electives (Fine Arts, Theater, Latin, Greek)
  • and approximately 12 to 16 hours of individual study.


Optional theater and fine arts

These two electives are available to students:
> Theater
> Fine arts


ADN Program

The ADN exchange program allows 10th grade students to spend a few weeks in another establishment of the AEFE network.

Senior year


The entire year is dedicated to preparing the student for the Baccalaureate Exam

Obtaining the Baccalaureate opens pathways to Spanish Universities. However, beyond this access, admission requires, in most cases, the need to sit for specific exams of the local educational system.

Spanish studies


For Spanish studies (Spanish, Catalan and History/Geography in Spanish) click here.