Lunch is an additional service provided by the school; it is not compulsory.


Students can eat their meals at the Lycée all year round or buy meal vouchers as needed.


Registration is done at the start of the school year via the Online Parents Portal. Students may register for one, two, three or four days a week. Registration for lunch commits the student for the duration of the term. Any modification must be made during the last two weeks of the term by written request addressed to Judit Pañella from Student Services.


The service is adapted to the children’s development. Thus, students from preschool through first grade are served at their tables. From 2nd grade through high school, students have self-service at their disposal.


The meals are developed in consultation with the dietician of the catering company, the school doctor, a member of the Lycée’s management, and a person who is registered for lunch every day.

Sample menu

Raw veggie plate
Cream of vegetable soup


Spaghetti / cheese + tomato


Slice of grilled pork
Potato omelet

Seasonal fruit, and yogurt or cheese