Fantasy Book Cover Competition 2022

Congratulations to the winners of the 2nd edition of the Fantasy Book Cover Competition ! This year, students voted to elect their favourite covers in four categories.
Best Design goes to Tanit Puigdengolas (3-5) for Lu’s FatherVicente Autret and Timéo Jaupart (3-5) for The Shadow Boat and to Marc Romieu (3-6) for The World of Hyrule.
Best Storyline and Best Thriller both go to Lorena Fañanas and Céleste Besse (3-5) for The Mists of My Mind as well as to Ariel Ornique and Bárbara Riba de Sola (3-6) for A Foggy Forest.
Best Adventure goes to Juliette Moline and Mila Fahem (3-5) for The Battle of the Five Kingdoms and to Lua Bourbigot (3-8) for Nº365.