BIMUN 2022


An LFB delegation at BIMUN ESADE 2022


“Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent and debate.”

Hubert H. Humphrey, senator and vice president of the USA under Johnson’s administration


Unhampered by the rain, the wind and the fact that this event was to take place during the Easter holidays and on St Jordi’s weekend, our fifteen brave delegates, accompanied by two teachers, actively attended the three-day BIMUN conference, a modelization of the United Nations organised on ESADE’s grounds and held entirely in the English language. They discussed, debated and argued in English with over 350 students from international schools from Spain, the United Kingdom, Greece, France, the USA, etc… Taking part in any MUN is not about winning, but about listening to each other, sharing ideas, understanding different cultures, opening up to others’ viewpoints, trying to convince by improving one’s arguments and finally reaching an agreement; in other words, the very foundation of diplomacy, a skill and strength much needed in our current world. During the closing ceremony, we even had the great opportunity to hear Paula Redondo Alvarez-Palencia, programme officer at NATO since January 2022, about the war in Ukraine and ask her a few questions. However, MUNs are also about meeting other students from abroad, making new friends and having a fun time.

Sébastien Malagnoux and Lucie Lacombe, English teachers


“BIMUN was definitely the highlight of my spring break. We got to debate with delegates that had come from pretty far and it was amazing to get to meet them and debate with them. Everyone was incredibly kind and some were exceptionally funny, which made the debates even better. I even made some great friends that I still talk to everyday. We got to work on public speaking and listening skills, quick thinking and structured ideas; an experience that made us work individually and together. Although this was my first BIMUN, it will certainly not be my last. See you all next year!”

Aina Fuentes Camacho, 1ère 5, Delegate of Belgium – WHO committee


“To say this was a great experience is an understatement..
It was truly amazing to see hundreds of students my age (or younger) creating, discussing and debating solutions for complex topics in such a short amount of time and still somehow making it look easy.
I came into this experience nearly clueless as to what diplomacy was and in just 3 short days learned more than I ever believed I could.
It was intense and completely different from our usual learning environment but we had the full support of our teachers, chairs (not the furniture) and fellow delegates.
MUN isn’t necessarily for students who excel at topics like politics, law and economy but rather those who are driven to learn and share their ideas.”

Sofia Menapace, Tle 2, Delegate of Austria – UN WOMEN committee


“This has been a very fun and unique experience, 10/10, would recommend and do again. The opportunities you get to debate real problems that happen in this world and getting to try to solve them with a safety net is truly an amazing experience”

Pol Mateu, 1ère 1, Delegate of Canada – UNODC committee


“It was such an awesome and enjoyable experience. Everyone was so sweet, lovely, and wholesome. The debates were fruitful, fun, and slightly intense (in a positive way). It definitely helped boost my and other delegates’ confidence in public speaking. The food was also good and for that, I totally recommend others to participate next year. This delegate now yields the floor back to the chairs.”

Zoe Willems, Tle 1, Delegate of Finland, ECOSOC committee


“This event has been the highlight of our spring holidays. Getting to debate and meet so many other people from different countries and cultures was both enriching and fun. This debate is such an amazing experience for anyone who would like to learn more about the UN, how diplomacy works, and how politicians come to a consensus on a specific issue. Yes, I would also recommend doing this experience for anyone who wishes to practise their public speaking skills, meet and talk to new people from different horizons, and finally to get an inside view into politics and international relations while taking the stress and worry away from school and exams. This delegate yields the floor back to the chairs.”

Emma Sibout, 1ere 1, Delegate of Belgium, ECOSOC committee


“I can’t put into words how glad I am that I went to Bimun Esade. You might get a bit nervous at first, but the feeling will quickly disappear. Everyone was very nice and helpful. I have definitely learnt a lot from this experience, met amazing people and most importantly, had a lot of fun!”

Nerea Duhart, 2nd 1, Delegate of Italy, UNHRC committee