The Lycée Français de Barcelone (LFB) has 3 libraries:

  • the media library for the Preschool
  • the BCD for the Elementary School
  • the CDI for the Middle and High Schools

The Center for Documentation and Information (CDI)

The CDI of the Lycée Français de Barcelone is a library resource center accessible to all members of the LFB community. It is a place for reading, working, information gathering and learning.


The resource collection which is in French, English, Catalan and Spanish provides teachers and students with the necessary documentation to achieve the academic excellence desired by the establishment. It also offers the possibility of accessing French editorial news, through regular updating of resources and through a very wide choice of French and international press subscriptions. Everyone can come and consult or borrow the resources they need or want.


The librarians and assistant librarians work in close collaboration with the teachers of other subjects. They welcome the entire educational community, support students and train them in independent research, advise them on reading choices, and initiate projects centered around books, the press and literature.


6th grade survey


Access to the CDI documentary portal

Click here for easy consultation of all of the facility’s documentary resources.

The Elementary School Library or BCD (bibliothèque centre documentaire)

It is a place that aims to promote reading in all its forms. Students can go there with their class or individually to borrow books, conduct research or participate in special activities. Each class has a weekly slot.


With a collection of more than 20,000 books in French, Catalan, Spanish and English, a projection room, an audio book room and computers, it offers students a place that is open to others and the world, a place to share and develop one’s literary culture at school


The aim of the BCD is to familiarize children with reading and create in them a love of reading through the discovery of books, as well as making them autonomous and proactive in their learning. To this end, throughout the year, there are exhibitions, games, stories, and meetings with authors and book professionals.