Help for admission online - Lycée Français de Barcelone
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  • Access the online platform of the Lycée français de Barcelone by clicking on “Inscription en ligne”.
  • If it is your first time on the platform, you should create your account by clicking on “créer un compte”.
  • If you’re already the parent of a student at the LFB, there is no need to create an account; you should use your existing account (you can recover your password by clicking on “Mot de passe oublié).
  • You must accept our terms and conditions by clicking on “J’accepte la charte utilisateur”
  • For a New enrollment, Choose the school year 2021-2022 and fill out the information online in “Nouvelle inscription”.
  • You will be able to go back at any time during the process until enrollement is not completed (“CLÔTURÉ”)



You can submit each category, by clicking on “Envoyer”(Submit) at the end of each section.


1/ Conditions
You must accept our terms and conditions by clicking on: J’accepte les règlements et conditions


2/ Enfant (student)

  • The information should be filled out indicating all the surnames stated on the birth certificate of your child and in the same order of appearance.
  • French nationality should always appear as primary nationality: “Nationalité 1”
  • “Langues parlées” (Spoken languages):  languages spoken at school and native languages
  • Maitrise de l’espagnol et du catalan (fluency levels in spanish and catalan)

Débutant(beginner)Student who has never studied the language or almost none.
Initié (intermediate) Student who has an average level has a minimum of years of study (1 to 3 according to the case).
Bilingue (Advanced) Able to follow (even with little difficulties) a language and literature class


3/ Scolarité (academic year)

  • Vœu : grade


4/ Responsables (parent information)

  • Both parents’ information is mandatory except for a single parent. The “Responsable 1”is the legal parent with whom the child normally lives.
  • The “situation familiale” (marital status ) is the status  with the other parent of the child (divorced, married, etc…)
  • You should checkmark the box “Garde légale” if you have custody of the child.
  • Your home address must be written in CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • You can add the second parent by clicking on: “AJOUTER UN RESPONSABLE”


5/ Documents

  • You must attach/add online all the required documents according to the grade of your child.


6/ Clôture (completion of procedure)

  • By clicking on “CLÔTURER” (validate) the submission of enrollment is completed and your enrollment is automatically sent.
  • Make sure to double check all the data before submitting the enrollment because when the enrollment is “CLÔTURÉ” (completed) no changes are possible.
  • You enrollment is “En attente” (on hold).
  • Reception of a confirmation email
  • You need to print out and sign the PDF (enrollment document), the signature of both parents is mandatory.
  • To complete and validate your enrollment, this document has to be sent to: Awaiting confirmation for the enrolment of your child by the lycée français de Barcelone. If you wish to proceed for a new enrollment, you need to repeat this process.



Assistance and contact

Mme Céline Marin
Responsable of inscription
(+34) 93 252 16 44 · (+34) 665 794 848

Interview by appointment.