THEATRE in English, Sir!


On the 25th of May, the LFB was delighted to welcome TNT Theatre, created by British Art Director Paul Stebbings, for a performance of Romeo & Juliet with amazing actors and actresses:


Dan Wilder, Glyn Connop, Colm O’brien, Nina Schlautmann, Kim Baker and Rian Wunderlin.


Various classes from 5e to 2nd had the opportunity to attend the lively but tragic play about the two most famous star-crossed lovers in the history of drama, written by William Shakespeare around 1595.



The Montagues and the Capulets hate each other.


Nevertheless, this ancient grudge will not prevent young Romeo from falling head over heels in love with teenage Juliet.


We all know how this story ends, yet audiences have enjoyed watching it unfold over centuries.



In the afternoon, some classes (5e6 and 4e1), which had been working on this play in English and French class for the past few weeks, took part in a theatre workshop animated by two of the actors.


Through games and fun practices, they got a taste of what it means to use one’s voice and body, and of the importance of developing self-confidence in order to embody a character and make a scene come to life on stage.



We hope they all enjoyed it as much as we, teachers, did.


The English team