The DNL class in London

During this 3-day trip, Mrs.Conan’s DNL Biology class went to visit London, the capital of England. H.Thiercy, our English teacher, was also with us.


Hanae and Ambre :


On the first day, we went on a 2-hour cruise trip on the Tamise river and got introduced to some of London’s famous monuments: the London Eye, Canary Wharf, Big Ben, etc… Despite the cold and rainy weather, the view was still enjoyable.
The same day, we watched a short animation in the planetarium of Greenwich Park. It was about climate change and the small things we can do to help our planet. Greenwich Park also has a great museum we took time to visit.


The next day, we participated in a workshop at the Royal Institute of Science ! The workshop lasted 4 hours but it was a very fun and captivating experience. There was a crime scene, and we had to find the murderer’s identity. To do so, we basically had to do a series of procedures before comparing the 5 different suspects’ DNAs to the DNA that was found on the weapon of the crime scene. We felt like real scientists !


To relax after this long activity, we went to central London, where one of the biggest toy shops of the world is located: Hamleys. We were also allowed some free time to go shopping for souvenirs and to try local street food.


Then we went to one of the tallest skyscrapers in London: Horizon 22. From the 58th floor, we could see the beautiful city, with the contrast of its modern and traditional architecture.


To finish this day, we went to the West End where we watched the musical “Mrs.Doubtfire”. This was the highlight of the trip, in our opinion. Talent radiated from the stage. There were amazing dancers, actors, and singers. If we could watch it once again, we would!


On our last day, to conclude this trip in this gorgeous city, we went to the Science museum. From astrology to medicine, everything amazed us.