Photojournalism exhibition at Palau Robert

Anglais, Infos, Lycée
A look at relationships, love and life in the face of death.

The 2nd LL and 1ère L LVA visited two exhibitions at the Docfield festival last Tuesday, both in the Palau Robert. 

The theme this year was « LOVE: Effects of Affection ». We focused on two American photographers: Isadora Kosofsky and Nancy Borowick.
The first one followed three elderly people from a retirement home involved in an unusual love triangle thus fighting loneliness and escaping aging, while the second carried out a project based on documenting her parents’ struggle with stage-four cancer and entitled « The Family Imprint ». 
Moving, impacting, disturbing… these pictures did not leave us cold and sharing impressions in class afterwards was as rich as these works were. 
Lucie Lacombe, english teacher