Cooking Contest in 2nde2

Anglais, Infos, Lycée

After having studied « Multiculturalism in London» and focused on the cooking traditions of several ethnic communities which are present in the capital city, the pupils of 2nde 2 are now taking action !


For the final task of this project, they have to cook a dish in order, first to shoot their own cooking video, and secondly to take part in a cooking contest.


Thus, on February 10th, they filmed themselves cooking a dish at home, in pairs. On the next day, they brought it at school, where it was tasted and graded by Mrs Niambele’s pupils, but also by other staff members such as teachers, secretaries, Anne « de la radio », people working in the « Vie Scolaire », the Deputy Bursar, and even the two Deputy Heads !


As you can see on the photos, the dishes were well presented, very appetizing, and the tasters took their job very seriously !


The Award ceremony will take place on March 7th!


Many thanks to all the people who contribute to the success of this project (Mr Duthel, the Bursar’s department, the maintenance staff, the Communication department, Anne “de la radio”, and the jurors), and congratulations to all the pupils who are real potential “Masterchefs”!


Mrs PINDADO – English teacher