La Chorale à Liverpool

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Our journey started on the 28th March 2019 when the choir of the Lycée Français de Barcelone took the school bus to Barcelona Airport and caught a flight.
We were soon in the legendary City of Liverpool, home of the Beatles, for the trip of a lifetime. After dinner went for a night-time walk along the River Mersey around the docks and sang « Imagine » by the Beatles statue. For precisely four days our lives were turned upside down with visits, concerts and meetings all over the city!


Liverpool college was our first destination the next day for a rehearsal with Liverpool college choir, an amazing group of pupils of all ages with four voice categories, soprano, alto, tenor and bass. The school was just like in Harry Potter! They had different « houses » and a school uniform. The best, though, was when we met them and had lunch afterwards, and then visited the music department of the school. It was a whole house with a garden! We sangs pop songs together, played in the garden and made friends.


In the afternoon we went to see an exhibition, « The Beatles Story » and learned all about the Fab Four.


A boat trip followed the next day, and a visit to a transport museum. After lunch we went for a tough two hour rehearsal at the immense Liverpool Cathedral with our choirmaster Mr Sorrell, who showed us where he grew up and the choir he sang in as a young boy. The rehearsal went very well and we were confident and prepared for the concert with Liverpool College on Monday.


Sunday was Museum day and we had the choice of three, « The Maritime Museum », « The Slavery Museum » and « Liverpool Museum » which had the « Imagine » exhibition with photographs by John Lennon and Yoko Ono. This was one of the best experiences of the trip. It was early to bed that day so we could sing well for the highlight of our trip the next day: a concert with the choir and orchestra of Liverpool College.


We were nervous but the concert was fantastic! Singing together in that huge Cathedral was a thrilling experience that none of us will ever forget. We all made friends and have been invited back next year! Thank you to Mr Bishop and Miss Clark from Liverpool College, and Mr Charrois, Miss Thiercy and Mr Sorrell for making all this possible, and see you next year!


Ian Sorell, English Music teacher