A NEW MEMBER of the Addams Family

Collège, Infos

A NEW MEMBER of the Addams Family, by Ms Lacombe


This is W.O.B.B.L.Y. Wobbly isn’t a boy or a girl, it is an alien (a creature from another planet). 

It is Morticia’s cousin. 

(le cousin ou la cousine de Morticia)

It is quite tall and very fat. It is blue all over (= everywhere / partout) with orange polka dots (des pois).

Wobbly has got two big feet with hairy (poilu) toes, but it hasn’t got any legs. 

It has got four arms and three long fingers on each hand (à chaque main). 

Wobbly hasn’t got any neck, and it has a head shaped like (de la forme de) an egg, oval at the top, with no hair on it – Wobbly is bald (chauve).

It has got one big, dark eye in the middle of its head with long black eyelashes (des cils). It has a small round mouth with thin lips. It hasn’t got any nose or ears, but it has antennas, like an insect! And it has got a thin moustache, like Gomez’s moustache.

It can wobble like jelly (vaciller, trembler comme de la gelée), it can’t run but it can swim very well. And Wobbly has a beautiful soprano voice – it can sing wonderfully!