A Halloween treasure hunt

Collège, Infos
The pupils of the Language and Literature group in 5ème celebrated Halloween with a fantastic treasure hunt in class. They were divided into 4 teams and had to get 6 codes to be able to open the wooden box which contained the fabulous treasure!!! As soon as I shouted « GO! », they all raced against time to do all the activities I had planned: cloze texts, crossword, wordsearches, differences to spot, drawings to finish, secret messages to find, cryptograms to decipher, and riddles to solve. They were all very enthusiastic, and had much fun!
Manuela PINDADO – English teacher


On October 22nd, in Mrs Pindado’s class, we all participated in a really fun Halloween activity.


There were four teams and we had to get 6 codes to open a wooden box (we did not know what was in the box!)


The activities involved: wordsearches, fill in the blanks, crossword puzzles and more.


The final code that we had to solve consisted of filling in Halloween riddles. It was so much fun! It ended up being a race between the four teams to solve the most riddles. At the end of the class, the team that won had solved 24 riddles! This then meant that they were allowed to open the wooden box and to do so, they had to open the 6 locks. To our surprise, in the box, there were Halloween loot bags with candy and Halloween activities.
Before leaving class, Mrs Pindado gave little bags of Halloween candy to all of the students.


It was so fun! Thank you so much, Mrs Pindado!
Allegra Cowan – 5e1