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Cooking Contest, the Award Ceremony


Tuesday, April 10th was a big day for Mrs Pindado's pupils of 2nde as they finally discovered who got a prize for the delicious dishes they had cooked before the Easter holidays.

In addition, during the award ceremony, they got two very pleasant surprises: first, as it was impossible this year to organize the final we have been used to for three years, the pairs who ended from the 4th to the 8th place also got a consolation prize! Secondly, a copious breakfast was offered to them, and they shared it with a great deal of enthusiasm. Many thanks to the Bursar's department for these attentions!

Mardi 10 avril fut un jour important pour les élèves de 2nde de Mme Pindado car ils découvrirent enfin qui recevait un prix pour les délicieux plats qu'ils avaient cuisinés avant les vacances de Pâques.

En outre, lors de la remise des prix, ils eurent deux agréables surprises: d'abord, comme il fut impossible cette année d'organiser la finale à laquelle nous sommes habitués depuis trois ans, les binômes qui terminèrent de la 4ème à la 8ème place reçurent également un prix de consolation! De plus, un copieux petit déjeuner fut offert aux élèves, qui y firent honneur avec grand enthousiasme. Un grand merci au Service de l'Intendance pour ces délicates attentions!



Prize : A gift card of 10 euros each / Une carte-cadeau de 10 euros chacun

8th: Chicken Pie, cooked by Eloïse QUENTIN and Valentine SAUVAGEOT

7th: English Breakfast, cooked by Carmen MORENO and Albert SITJA

6th: Scotch Eggs, cooked by Valeria LUX and Marta MARTIN

5th: Thai Beef Stir-fry, cooked by María REVERTER and Ivan MONTOYA

4th: Kung Pao Chicken, cooked by Nathan BERLANCOURT and Matteo LAGOUARDE


3rd Prize : A gift card of 20 euros each / Une carte-cadeau de 20 euros chacun

Pork Curry and Jasmine Rice, cooked by Noelia GUISAN and Sandy ORTIZ


2nd Prize : A gift card of 30 euros each / Une carte-cadeau de 30 euros chacun 

Cardamom Butter Chicken, cooked by Hachmia BAKHTAOUI and Anna UDOVA


1st Prize : A gift card of 40 euros each / Une carte-cadeau de 40 euros chacun

Chicken Curry, cooked by Inés ESCAYOLA, Clara LLACUNA and Rebecca SERRA