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Reading Week in Primary


I read, you read, she reads, he reads…
This year, In the UK and Ireland World Book Day was on Thursday 1 March 2018. 

To encourage literacy and a love of reading, we offered different activities in the BCD:
· CE2-5 CE2-6: POETRY: 3D Food poems (poèmes 3D à déguster )
· Moody poems (Poèmes sur vos humeurs)
· CE2-2 –CM2-4 CM2-5: STORY iN A BOX (L’univers de nos histoires dans une boîte)

Thanks to the readers !!!! WELL DONE!!!!
Celebrate stories. Love reading.

Did you know this expression?
Be a bookworm = it is a person who loves reading

Danièle - Primary English teacher


CM2-4: MUSIC FOR A BOOK (Une musique pour un livre)

READING BREAKFAST in the playground : from 8:20 -8:40 am: English speaking kids were happy to share stories in the morning.

WITH THE CP too!!!