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What should I do to enrol my children in your school?

Enrolment is exclusively online, on our website: where you will find all the information about enrolment (INSCRIPTION.
You can also contact the person in charge of the admissions office at the email or by phone at +34 932521644

What are the selection criteria for admission to the Lycée Français de Barcelone?

To enter kindergarten, see the "Admission Criteria".

Should I send a letter to the principal of the junior school or high school to endorse my online enrolment application or ask for an interview?

No, it is better not to send any letter to the principal of the junior school or high school or ask for an interview. The online enrolment application is sufficient for your case to be considered by the adjudication committee. The person in charge of admissions can receive you if you so request.

Does the Lycée Français de Barcelone accept pupils from the Catalan, Spanish or any other educational system?

In kindergarten there no enrolment conditions in this respect. Any child can enrol, provided there are vacancies. After that, pupils from other systems can enrol provided they have fluent French, are excellent students and their family demonstrate a willingness to support them in learning the French language (reading, French films, activities in French).

Can I request to visit your school?

Yes, contact the person in charge of admissions. Please note that the LFB offers two information sessions to new families in November and January, including a visit to the facilities.

I would like to enrol my child for the school year starting 2 years from now. What should I do?

Wait until the online enrolment process opens the year before the child starts kindergarten. You can attend the open days.

If a pupil comes to spend a year in Barcelona without their parents, living with a host family, can they enrol at the Lycée?

Yes, if you send a specific file to this effect to the person in charge of admissions. This also applies to secondary school, always depending on an exemplary record and strong motivation.