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Who better than the parents and former pupils to present the Lycée Français de Barcelone?

"El Liceo no sólo es una escuela muy grande, ¡sobre todo es una gran escuela!" says Mrs. Christa Montagut. Four parents, three of them former pupils, tell us what the LFB has given them and the reasons why they entrusted their children’s education to the Lycée. The concepts that spring to their mind: analytical capacity and reasoning, multiculturalism, multilingualism, open-mindedness... and many more which are revealed in this short video.

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The LFB news are available in the French version of LFB web, written in different languages, according to the event. This page in English offers a presentation of the Lycée and the access to the LFB web pages in general.


The Lycée Français, in its present form, was founded in Barcelona en 1924. Therefore, so far it has educated three generations of pupils; successfully, to judge by the various functions performed by its former pupils in the city.
Its rol was particularly important -and appreciated- during the Spanish civil war and also in the post-war period.

Nowadays, in democratic Spain, the centre aims to help strengthen the cultural links between Spain and France, through the daily interaction of pupils of different origins, but taught by the same teachers and with the same knowledge.
Therefore, the Lycée has its own traditions, but with a constant commitment to modernization in order to ensure its pupils the best entry into the Europe of the third millennium.



The Lycée is run directly by the Agency for French Education Abroad (A.E.F.E.), which ensures a public education service for French children, helps promote French language and culture by admitting foreign pupils, participates in strengthening cooperative relations between the French and foreign educational systems, and helps families through grants for French children. Its management is ensured according to French accounting standards by a French civil servant, its budget being approved by the A.E.F.E. and its financial accounts being subject to review by the Court of Auditors.
The education provided by the centre is approved by the French Ministry of Education and ranges from kindergarten to secondary school level, in accordance with the French educational system.
But the Lycée, also recognized and authorized by the Spanish Government, includes complementary programmes provided by the French-Spanish cultural agreement in Language and Literature and in History and Geography ("Social Sciences"). There is also the mandatory teaching of Catalan in compliance with the decisions of the local regional government, with jurisdiction in educational matters.

Cultural agreements establish the equivalence of studies pursued at the Lycée Français de Barcelone and those of the Spanish System at all levels.
The teaching staff consists mostly of teachers qualified by the French Ministry of Education posted to the school, except for specific subjects taught by local teachers to allow for a better command of languages and knowledge of the local culture by pupils.



The project of the Lycée Français of Barcelone is based on common objectives, based on shared values in a democratic society (respect for others, independence, responsibility, trust, integration of differences, secularism, solidarity, equity, tolerance, etc.) and ultimately aiming to empower pupils in terms of:

  • Their instruction and education
  • The development of their personal and professional project
  • Their social integration in European society

For parents, pupils and staff, deciding to belong to the community of the Lycée Français de Barcelone means enjoying all the richness associated with multiculturalism.